THE dawn eloway ? where are you?

don elloway? donn eloway? dawn elloway?

where the heck are you?????? 


click on this picture:

7minz49secz in east falmouth, mass. telling a short version of the story

a case of love at first sight..

you can help solve this mystery.. 

do you or anyone you know, know of a woman whose maiden name was dawn eloway or don elloway, 

(spelling was never one of my strong suits); 

born around 1957

whose father may have been in the air force and stationed

at otis air force base on cape cod around the late summer/ early fall of 1963 when the family was transfered?

the story goes like this:

on the 2nd day of 1st grade the entire class was lead to the art room for art class. .at that time all the desks were in pairs of two facing the blackboard, & we were told to pick a seat

as i walked up to one desk in the middle of the room, i looked up  & into the face & eyes of one of the most beautiful little girls i'd ever seen who'd arriving at the paired desk right next to mine..she had brown/auburn hair & open warm excited eyes, she was wearing a purple flowery print dress & as we both sat down our eyes locked on one another, it was obviously, without a word being spoken, a case of love at first sight... the next few weeks were blissful.. except for the fact that she was caucasian & i was of mixed race & her parents seemed to be racist & this was 1963,[ 2 months before kennedy was shot ]  dawn & i met after school & took long walks home taking the long way thru the little patch of woods behide her house..just strolling, holding hands, & talking 

thoroughly enjoying being in one anothers day 

it was a half day of school and we spent the afternoon 

laying around in the tall grass of this field half way between our two houses.. in the long silences it seemed we knew the whole world, the truth of all things, as we lost ourselves in one anothers eyes & embrace...& the wisdom of two 6 year old souls faced with the insanity of racism ; our understanding was unspoken...

within a few days after that she told me her dad was being transfered.. something that happened alot in our neighbor hood because just about every family in the area were air force familys... the morning came when she was to leave...

my sister walked me to her house.. i knocked on the door

& she answered... we said our good byes thru the glass & screen... her father came to the door &  when he saw me he

grabbed her out of the way screamed some cuss words & slammed the door...

i stepped back & at that moment promised myself that when i grew up i would find her...

over the years i've looked & searched on the internet from time to time...

last year i even had a friend who's partner is a private detective do a search.. to no avail...

then i realized i could put together this webpage

it's only been 43 years since then...  

wouldn't it be cool 

if we could all live happily ever after    

any help is welcomed

(310) 869- 2454  email@



east falmouth elementary school, cape cod, massachusetts

where dawn/don(?) & i  met on the second day of 1st grade in the art room, mr. rapoza's art class... 

dawn's house on ginger st. in east falmouth, mass

where we said our final good byes 

& i promised myself

that i would find her

when i grew up...

(310) 869-2454

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