THE EMERGENCE PROJECT:  Big Sur Hopi ceremonial site(s) ?

Created the 90 min. documentary EMERGENCE: Beyond 2012 ? And the book:

May 2009 found another site in the area, here are some satellite photos of the site from Google maps:


here's what I saw from the road

more to follow

the following are photos of the first site I found in the area in 1994 & photographed in 2004


1.view from north

sept. 10-12 ,2004

with cameras in hand I revisited a site I discovered in the Big Sur area of CA. Feb. 1994

those pointy things you see there are 2 stones in the East (left) set closely next to one another to create

something of a sighting slot...and 1 stone as a sighting stone in the looks like its aligned to the Equinox Sunrise & Sunset points

 Also it would appear that whomever constructed this site, unearthed the hilltop to bare the stone and then carved the stone in place

while sculpting the earth into a pattern of rings and earth work mounds and depressions that reminds me of the serpent mound near Peebles, Ohio

a place I feel is aligned with the summer and winter solstice points and is associated with the Serpent clan of the Hopi...

my theory is:

 that this site in the photo may be connected to the Hopi, the point where they may have begun their migrations

upon emerging into this the 4th world after surviving the destruction of the 3rd world by flood... 

[see Frank Waters : The Book of the Hopi ;pub.1961, Viking Press]

this site is on a strait line as the crow flies east to Oraibi [["..the center of the universe.."],

in Hopi land in north east Arizona


2. closer view from north

the sighting stones look to be aligned to the east/west equinox points 

the hilltop appears to have been excavated to expose the rock

then the stones were carved in place and the displaced soil was formed into a ring like earthwork pattern as yet undeciphered...

there is "bay laurel "growing out of the rock a shrub that usually grows down where the hillsides

come together along the creek beds

signifying perhaps there maybe a blind spring underneath

in the spring  after the rain the water flows out from two places beneath..  

there's a tree /bush growing to the east , west and south points of the mound

growing on the south southwest side of the mound

 what looks like milkweed which is where monarch butterflies lay there eggs

 if intentionally planted  this could be a reference to the butterfly clan of the Hopi

who i 've been told are the Havasupai who are the guardians of the "sipapu" or 'place of emergence'

a hole/cave in the bottom of the grand canyon air is coming up out of.

my theory: 

 this site may be a marker of where the Hopi clans began their migrations to the four edges of this landmass 

after coming ashore from having crossed the pacific ocean

after surviving and witnessing the last world destruction/"purification"  by flood 

[ this story is laid out in THE BOOK OF THE HOPI by Frank Waters published in 1961 by Viking Press

supposedly based on interviews with 30 Hopi elders .]

more there an archeoastronomer familiar with the area ? (310) 869-2454 mobile


3. looking north from site


4. closer look from the north


5. closeup view from the west of the west sighting stone


6. closeup from the west looking east past the west sighting stone focusing on the east " v " stones


7.closeup of sighting stones looking east



8.closeup from the eastern stone looking west at the western sighting stone



9. view from stones site looking directly south


10. same as # 9.


11. view of site from northwest


12. view of site from northeast near sunset


13. same as #12.


14. sunset thru the stones



15.same as #14.       

16.view from northeast


17.sunrise looking east thru the stones


18.view from the north


19. view from the northeast


20.view from the northeast


21.view from the east



22.view from directly east [ from behind possible bearing tree remains?]


23.view from due south looking north


24.view from the south southwest


225.view from the south southwest looking north


26.view from west southwest


27.view from west northwest


28. view from north northeast


29.view from northeast looking westward



30.view from north northeast

Once again if anyone has a clue ..lemme know: 310 869 2454

The 2009 Aerial Survey:

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